Many times a Designer as any Artist is an "interpreter" of the world.

About our designer

Liliana Castellanos was born in the prodigious region of Tarija, Bolivia.  Because of her outstanding talent in combining native materials with the demanding aesthetic values of today's fashion industry, she has become a point of reference and example within the world of Bolivian and Latin-American haute-couture.

Her creations, that predominantly use the fine wool of the Alpaca camelid, allowed her to launch collections of unprecedented elegance, with glamorous pieces that have conquered new horizons all over the world. "The definition of my style, in just a few words: elegance, sensuality, character, texture, and roots."

In her youth, Liliana travelled to Buenos Aires to study Fashion Design at the Italian - French Institute "Delego & Lagarrigue". Upon finishing her studies, she was given the chance to work as a fashion assistant at "Nina Ricci", the famed French house of fashion. "I was lucky because I recognized my vocation for design when I was very young and I was able to make it a reality by committing myself fully without taking into account whether or not it would lead to a life of material achievements. I simply wanted to design and I decided to take that road, sometimes alone and misunderstood, but it is so gratifying to follow your own course.  It is very satisfying to fulfill your own goals, and my own goals are full of magical encounters."

From the beginning of her career she valued the great beauty of the Alpaca wool and decided to make this material the star of her winter collections, using the privileged fibres of this species of South American camelids (the Llama, the Alpaca, and the Vicuña).

Liliana Castellanos was always very involved in highlighting her roots, defending the environment, and transmitting the values she has upheld for years through her collections. "As a creator I always use the environment and the places where I am as a source of inspiration. That's why it's so important to travel, although of course Latin America is the continent on which I spend a large part of the year and it has a great influence on me.  There is incredible richness in our natural environment, in our materials, and in the "savoir-faire" of the tailors on our continent.  It's important to value them and care for them.  Many times a Designer as any Artist is an "interpreter" of the world."